He’s Not Well.  2011.  Oil on canvas. 50x40cm

Bicycle Man. 2011.oil on canvas. 100x60cm.

Flying. 2011. oil on panel. 70x60cm.

Angélica. 2011. oil on canvas. 100x43cm.

Liliana. 2012. Oil on canvas. 35x30cm.

Victor. 2014. oil on canvas. 110x60cm.

Abandoned City. 2014. Oil on  canvas. 80x60cm.

Nelson. 2015. Oil on canvas. 101x45cm.

Leaving the Garden. 2015. Oil on linen. 60x86cm.

Self Portrait. 2015. Oil on canvas. 60x50cm.

Blue Ball. 2016. Oil on linen. 80x64.5cm.

Burned House. 2018. Oil on linen. 45x55cm.

The Palaces of Memory. 2018. Oil on canvas. 70x85cm.

Charlie. 2019. Oil on canvas. 100x52.5cm,

Mother c. 1918. 2019. Oil on canvas. 35x35cm.

Family Story. 2019. Oil on canvas. 70x85cm.

West Terrace Park. 2008. Oil on canvas. 65x40cm.