String. 2011. Oil on panel. 40x58cm.

Cyclamen. 2011. Oil on panel. 50x60cm.

Glass. 2011. Oil on linen. 40x50cm.

Orquidia. 2011. Oil on panel. 40x30cm.

Four. 2012. Oil on canvas. 50x40cm.

Cactus. 2012. Oil on canvas. 70x35cm.

Cubos. 2013. Oil on linen. 60x40cm.

Lynn’s Plant. 2014. Oil on linen. 50x40cm.

Still Life with Silver Pitcher and Mangoes. 2014. Oil on linen. 39x58cm.

Still Life with Tomatoes. 2013. Oil on linen. 39x58cm.

Mandarinas. 2014. Oil on canvas. 30x35cm.

Still Life with Apples and Onions. 2015. Oil on linen. 39x58cm.

Apples on Black Tray. 2015. Oil on linen. 45x56cm.

Still Life with Pottery. 2015. Oil on linen. 40x70cm.

Still Life with Onions. 2016. Oil on linen. 50x46cm.

Still Life with Mandarins. 2016. Oil on linen. 45x56cm.

Lasts. 2016. Oil on linen. 56.4x45cm.

Still Life with Bottles and Pottery. 2016. Oil on linen. 40x46cm.

Two Pears with Bottles. 2017. Oil on canvas. 30x35cm.

Shell. 2017. Oil on canvas board. 35x25cm.

Bottles. 2018. Oil on canvas. 40x55cm.

Still Life with Silver Pitcher. 2014. Oil on masonite panel. 35x45cm.